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June 1, 2015

There is a lot of news to report. First, we bought our first RV. It's a 30' Crossroads Cruiser. We're extremely happy to have found one from for sale by a neighbor that has been so meticulously maintained. It's clean and in great condition. Our first camping trip is this coming Friday (June 5-7). We are going to Jellystone Park in Bagely Wisconsin. Even Zoozoo is going. That ought to be a hoot. We will be posting pictures on facebook and seeing what RV life has to offer. We are really looking forward to it. Especially Jasmine.

We also got some health news. At my last check up with the oncologist we learned that 1 1/2 years out I am still having problems with my blood counts. My WBC is extremely low as well as RBC and platelets. It is very difficult to keep away from sick people because though we have explained the problem they still expose me to crud on a regular basis. I catch everything and have some real difficulty getting past it. I have an appointment with a Hematologist this week and we'll see what can be done about it. I've had a lot of infections this year already and even landed in the hospital for a three day stay over it. I really hope friends and family will begin to take this issue more seriously, and help me to prevent exposure.

Meanwhile Jim has been working incredibly long hours up until last week. This coming weekend is his birthday and we plan to celebrate it while camping. Hopefully he will have some fun and get rested.

Finally, it will be time after Jims birthday to arrange Bill's Iowa funeral. Something that was intended for April but then all of Bill's business as well as the 18 hour days started and there was never opportunity for it. Hopefully we will get to that soon.

Jasmine is well and happy. She completed 3rd grade with a Straight A report card. FIt was the first time ever for that, and we were quite proud. She is enjoying her summer playing with friends, playing minecraft and looking very excitedly toward camping this summer and fall.

After losing Bill in January it was especially dificult for me to lose my dad. He died April 22 at the VA in San Diego. He is constantly in my thoughts and memories have been everywhere in all that I do. I suppose that is normal for the grieving process. It just seems too much after Bill, who I really thought of as a second father. He meant so much to me, not to even touch on what he meant to Jim and Jasmine. He and Jasmine were very close and she still has difficult moments.

We are all on our way to recovery and have decided the family focus should be on having some fun this year. So watch the facebook pages and see pics of our summer events and what's going on all season.

All our best,

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